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“I want to make a change, I love helping people and want to help them look and feel good!”


Establishing new businesses is not something new to Vay. Since 2013 she has gained experience with businesses such as online shoe boutiques, selling treats, trucking and now nails.


In 2018 she decided to act on her interest in nails by attending nail school.  She gained her license while still working full time.  Starting out with acrylic nails, she noticed clients would complain that “most nail professionals don’t do feet”.  That’s when it clicked.  She soon realized exactly what the market was missing, pedicures. 


The idea to create a pedicure only salon came into fruition.  After speaking one day with a client Vay was introduced to waterless pedicures.  She then began to do her research on why this procedure was a healthier choice and continued her education by obtaining certifications as an Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) and Certified Medical Nail Technician (CMNT).

Why the name Cure?  For starters, Cure is found in both of the words manicure and pedicure.  Also one of the many definitions of Cure means to "restore back to health" - The perfect fit for Vay’s mission.


The purpose of Cure is to continuously help advance the dynamic of the nail industry.  Clients and sometimes even nail professionals  are blinded by the beauty of nails and forget the importance of nail health.  Here at Cure we believe in making sure people not only look good, but feel good as well.


“I am passionate to bring Cure to North Carolina and help change people's lives by providing healthy nails, knowledge and confidence!”



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